Do you want your child to learn new and useful skills? It's good to have such thought

Do you want your child to learn new and useful skills? It’s good to have such thought. Learning simple and innovative tasks is good for your child, as it will enhance their abilities to adopt new and challenging things quickly and easily. Build the habit of leering in them from their early childhood. Start teaching them to make simple and easy things at initial level. But be careful while selecting the task for them, it should be interesting enough to grab the attention of children. As more they are willing to learn, easier it will be for them to learn. Most of the times, you have not to put much effort, as the children are interested by their self to learn.

woodworking for kids woodworking for kids

Woodworking is one of the tasks, children will love to learn. They can use the wood to make various things of their interest with the help of simple tools. Woodwork can be thought to children easily under supervision of any elder at home.

easy wooden animal shapes easy wooden animal shapes

By gender, there will be different interests of children while selecting wood work projects. Girls will more likely go to build a doll house or play house. A boy will love to build a horse, or a Go-cart.

easy woodworking projects easy woodworking projects

Try to understand what your child is exactly want by this project at end, so you can guide him/he in best possible way. For example, if you ask your daughter that what she wants to build as her first wood work project? She replies “a doll house”. Your imaginations should be so strong to see what elements she wants and thinking to have in her doll house. Then identify key components she would need to build it exactly. E.g. for a doll house she probably would need some simple tools such a hand or circular saw, tape measure, hammer, square etc. you should be there all the time and help her in cutting crosspieces for walls and roof standing. Your supervision will teach her how to safely use these simple tools.

wooden doll house wooden doll house

If your child is interested in weaving, it’s good, as it is an easy skill which does not include many tools. Only a scissor is needed to cut the rope. And children can carry on this project under supervision of anyone who loves to work with children.

wooden bat and ball rack wooden bat and ball rack

Another simple wood work project that your child loves to do is to build a BAT Ball Rack. Simply you need. It may be designed to keep two bats, three balls, pegs for gloves, and batting helmets or caps. As initial task it’s enough to have these elements, with practice you can expand it for whole team as well. Your child will simply need some piece of wood, glue and nails. Simply cut the wood to length, (you measured for your bats) nail and glue them. An inexpensive wooden meter box can be used for assistance. Similarly cut down the square boxes for balls, gloves and helmet and give them a round shape inside for balls. Drill down to attach these scattered pieces to give your rack a final look.

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