Choosing a particular country wedding decoration is not daunting a task these days

Choosing a particular country wedding decoration is not daunting a task these days. There are many country wedding decoration ideas to look into and that they are further divided into different themes and variations which are mentioned below. Country Wedding Table Decorations: An individual should select attractive colorful vases for table decoration but they should not obstruct the view of the guests. Square vases are ideal to use and they are available in different sizes as well. An individual should fill them with water and then add pearls that expand in size and result in cool colors like aqua, blue, black and pink sapphire respectively. On the other side, plates should be placed at the wedding reception table which should be filled with candies, chocolates, nuts and mints. A few colorful rocks, candies and shells placed inside glass cylinders should be added to each of the wedding reception tables. Lastly, a glass container shaped like a western boot can be placed on the tables that contain goodies and this will really look elegant as well.

country wedding table decorations

Rustic Country Wedding Decorations: One idea or theme under this type of decoration which can be brought about is with flowers. The flowers are essential part of any wedding and a person can select any varieties that would result in a rustic theme for the wedding. The ideal choice would be to be to go for casual blossoms like mums, dahlias, sunflowers and craspedia. It would be better if a person uses non-floral accents for centerpieces and bouquets. They include grapevine, dried seed pods, wheat and cattails. The bouquets can be tied with raffia, check ribbon or a dupioni respectively.

rustic country wedding decorations

Outdoor Country Wedding Decorations: It is vital that the decorations that are selected should complement with the location for a wedding. Burlap can be used as a wedding decoration as a hay bale seat cover, table runner which can even be wrapped around the bride’s bouquet as well. Burlap can be sued along with a colorful lace and a person can buy burlap for four dollars from a fabric or a craft store respectively.

outdoor country wedding decorations

The mason jars can also be used for a wedding decoration. They can make attractive vases and can be found in various colors like blue, green and teal. They can be filled with salt, sand and rocks and thus blend well with a wedding theme too. On the other hand, for the décor and the arrangement of the wedding, flowers along with the sea grass, starfish and shells can be even be used. A few white candles can be used for illumination in the altar area.

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